For Rebecca Reid – Spidey and Waffles on holiday

Indys Rascals - Sun, 14/10/2012 - 11:20am

Spidey and Waffles are here on their holiday’s while their family are having their own holiday. They are both lovely friendly little Gerbils and a pleasure to look after.

Enjoying some fresh orange bell pepper



Enjoying playtime

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New Girls

Wyss's Gerbilsite Blog - Thu, 21/06/2012 - 5:40pm

I haven’t yet introduced these two new girls here… Well, I’ve had them quite a while now, they were bought from Dobbies where I had initially assumed they were around 6 months old or so, but actually I’m beginning to think that mum might be a year+ old. Mainly due to her bulk, which isn’t normally seen in gerbils under 2 years old. These two are much larger than any gerbils I’ve had in a long time – I’d almost forgotten they could be so large! So it’s nice to see they have good size regardless of coming from a pet shop.

It’s funny because I still think of Sienab and Kobette as being my ‘babies’ when in fact they’re older than these two! But they’re only a fraction of their size; Kobette in particular is tiny.

At around Christmas 2011 I spotted mum in a tank and thought she was alone, but the assistant told me there were actually two in there; a mother and daughter. Sure enough when she went to the tank, daughter popped her head out. I left them there, thinking they’d have more chance of being sold as a pair (I’d planned to intro to Isi, if it’d be a loner). Then, when I returned in March, they were both still there and I decided I’d bring them home where they can have a better life with plenty of substrate and digging to do. They’re now almost fully competent with digging tunnels, but do still seem to favour corners – especially daughter, who spends far too much of her time scratching away aimlessly.

Daughter – I don’t really have official names for them. Only jokey ones; Snorkmaiden (maiden)

And mum – or Moomin mamma

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Forgotten Video

Wyss's Gerbilsite Blog - Thu, 07/06/2012 - 4:30pm

I’ve been having a look through my phone photos folder today and spotted some videos I forgotten I’d ever taken… This happens a lot! There are plenty others I ought to get posting really.

Anyway, here’s one of Clara the REH Wavy (the main subject), her mum Jenny and sister Julia.

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