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Gardening- Hardy Geranium phaeum

Geranium phaeum and its cultivars (along with Geranium macrorrhizum) are usually one of the first hardy geraniums flowering in my garden.  These two extremely hardy individuals, apart from having lovely flowers (the latter also has strongly scented leaves) can cope in extremely dry and shady conditions so were ideal choices around two fully grown cherry trees in my front garden.

This year though has been nice as I've spotted a few really promising seedlings coming in to flower that I'll be digging up and planting them in the back garden so they can get as big as possible before dividing them in Autumn.  Without competition from the other plants they should grow pretty big before dividing, then I can re-plant them 'en masse' back in the phaeum border!

Anyways, to give you an idea of what this border looks like, here's a photo of them from last year;

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The true meaning of Meriones unguiculatus: The Mongolian Gerbil

 Gerbils, jirds and in fact all species on earth are designated a two-part Latin name to identify them. This system of classifying animals is known as 'binomial nomenclature'. These names are useful but also important too because they allow people around the world, no matter what language they speak, to write and communicate to others about any particular species. In theory, every name given is unique to that animal. The scientific name designated to each animal also give clues as to what their relationships are to other animals. The name of each species is given a generic name and also a specific name. The generic name tells us what genus they come from. Some genera only have one species but the vast majority of them have many.

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Underwhite - The Singapore Connection.

Around 2006, a Singapore breeder, Joeyvoen Teo, asked for some help in identifying their strange pastel coloured gerbils.  At the time she was very confused, as many of the pastel coloured offspring looked similar to Ruby-Eyed Whites, White bellied Creams and Self Creams(syn. C-separator/resn).  With having so many of the Ruby-Eyed Whites and White-Bellied Creams appearing in the litters, she assumed that eventually she would see Slates or Grey Agoutis appearing in the litters too.  None ever appeared.

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Argente Golden Coat Colour - Every silver lining has a cloud

Although the name Argente is familiar with most gerbil enthusiasts, not many out there understand the meaning of the name, or its origin.  If we look closer still.

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