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In early 2013 I stumbled across a photo of a trio of gerbil from a breeder in Maine. I was immediatly stunned by their color, and knowing that there were not blues I contacted the breeder with the intent of getting 1 of these lighter mock-blues.  I ended up brining home the darker one.

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Psuedo-Agouti/Dark Eyed Honey

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Mother is Swiggley, she is a "Dark Eyed Honey" with multiple color bands in her fur. She is genetically AaC*eeG*P*, She was bred to Prophet aaC*eefG*P*

Below are pictures of Swiggley

No Flash


Looks like a Dark Eyed Honey

No Flash

Notice 4 bands of color in the fur. Closest to skin: pale yellow, gray, yellow, ticking


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Success with DPP breeding

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The Grandmother: MS's ABC's Inertia

Last winter I got a DPM DEH from ABC Gerbil in Nashua, NH. I named her Inertia. Inertia also has an odd undercoat. I bred her to Kreg, the Peg Leg. He was a black male, carrying aaCcbEePpUwuwd. Togeather they had 5 pups (Nutmeg, Spot Nutmeg, DEH, CPA, Burmese). 

I named the CPA male Long John Silver.

The Mother: MS's Bumble

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2012 Mid Atlantic Pet Expo Gerbil Show, Timonium MD

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The 2012 MidAtlantic Gerbil Show The show was held on January 28, 2012 at the World of Pets Expo in Timonium, Maryland.

This show concluded the end of my training to become an AGS Official Judge. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the other judges and found them to be very informative and knowledgeable.

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Ticked Siamese/Burmese Project

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  Problems with Distinction

MS's Shenanigan

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DPP? Chimaera? Mosaic?

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DPP DEH with abnormal undercoat (AaCchmDDeeU*P*) DEH with abnormal undercoat (A*C*DDeeU*P*

So to begin. I was up at ABC Gerbils doing a pups swap before quarantine. Up for grabs was a very cute DPP Honey Cream (Sp. Dark Eyed Honey). I didn't need to take a closer look at her to know that she was coming home with me.

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