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Home from the AGS Mid West Show

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Traveling out to the Mid West Gerbil show was a long trip. Along the way, we stopped at Niagara Falls, visited an aviary, and a zoo!

This was also my first show as a probationary judge. I learned a lot from being able to handle 30 gerbils that weren't my own. I've gotten very used to my own gerbils, its hard to believe that gerbils would behave any other way. I was impressed by the many spectacular gerbils that were on the show floor. There was  a beautiful nutmeg female with rich oily black ticking. She would have been a show stopper if she had a personality to match.

Many of my gerbils did very well in the show. Two gerbils compeleted their Championships.

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A New Look

Tag: New Site

So its been awhile since I've given my site a makeover. After many hours of work, I have something. Its still not done yet, but the framework and basic information is there. I like the new layout better, as its more versatile and gives me more oppurtunities to expand. I've been working on it straight for a few weeks, and i still don't feel like I've made much progress. There are alot of things still to come, as i need to sit down and take a bunch of pictures.

For anyone who cares to look and see...


MS's Marble, my next Champion

Tag: AGS Virtual Show 2011, Best Oppisite Sex

MS's Marble

Marble is just one of those gerbils I wasn't expecting to create. I bred one of my "small spotted" gerbils to a gorgous Schimmel female, and was shocked when the pups came out Mottled.

Marble has a beutiful feminine build, a varigated pattern, and a perfectly straight tail. She has a lot of wonderful qualities.

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My "ticked" Burmese/Siamese Project

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Left: In my first litter of Colorpoints, I had a Spotted Burmese named Lemon. Lemon's coat was not a smooth even color. It always had a faint appearance of being ticked. At first I thought it was do to the presence of g in the line. Lemon was bred to a Siamese Male, Espresso. They had pups. None of their pups had the appearance of being ticked. I kept two spotted Burmese females.


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