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Litter C

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Hello everyone!

Today morning Sally gave birth to 7 cutie pups. I hope she will manage with so big litter.


News! ;-)

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Sorry for not writing for so long time but I have a little 'Armagedon' while finnishing my thesis.


I have to say that I was joined to the Polish Gerbil Club :-) There are all the best Polish breedings.


There's also new girl coming to our stock - sweet and cute Agouti from Gerbil's Dream breeding, PL.

She would be life partner for my male rex - Chomik (eng. Hamster - he really looks as he would be a hamster with a tail! ;)).

They would have really 'rainbow litters' - their genotypes: female: Aa C- DD Ee(-) Gg P-, male: aa Cc(chm) DD ee gg P- Sp+ Re+.


Yesterday my Pchełka (mother of the first litter) was mated with Destylat from Kenamyszowe Stadko - Schimmel.

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Pups from litter B looking for new homes!

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Although they cannot still see they're looking for new, good homes :)

5 pups from my second litter can go to new homes at the end of February.

Theese are:


Beamformer - Lt Silver Nutmeg

Bit - Black/Slate

Byte - also Black/Slate

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Facebook site :)

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Hello! sorry for not writing so long but I've got too many things to do on my University and there are also two litters that I have to 'control' if everything goes OK.

Now, I just would like to invite to click 'like it' on my new breeding facebook site. If I have some free time I will write here much more posts and create 'normal' website of my breeding :)


First post on my blog

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Hello everybody!

As far as some of you know I'm new on the forum.

I'm from Poland ang gerbils are my passion.

You can see my pupils in forum topic:

I'm looking forward to my first litter that will start up my breeding.

I like (e-)meeting new people, especially gerbilomaniacs!

I think that's all for the beginning

See you soon! :)