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Impromptu Photoshoot

Tag: gerbils

I took some quick snaps on Saturday during tank cleaning. These two girls might be going on holiday to my parent's for a week or two over christmas as I need to make space for the tree and for my brother staying for a couple of weeks so they can't go in the spare room with the others and I might not be able to handle them being in our bedroom

It was nice playing with my 50mm macro again after having not touched it for over a year now... It struggles with whites because it's cheap;  but it managed quite well in low light with these two - I had visions of blown out whites but they're OK

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March blooms

Tag: blooms, bokeh, flowers, garden, macro

The past few weeks has seen some lovely weather around here, although it is set to get a lot cooler over the weekend

Last Sunday I saw my first Butterflies of the season and my parents' garden was full with Ladybirds everywhere. Some orgies, others just huddling together in the beautiful sun. There were hundreds, perhaps even thousands and we had to be careful where we stepped.

March so far has looked something like this:

Helleborus Harvington Double Purple.

Acer 'Katsura's' fresh leaves emerging look to be on fire:

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Gerbil Eye Pustules

Tag: eye, gerbil, pustule, spots

It's recently been brought to our attention that there is a health issue in the lines from Poland, which migrated to the Czech Republic and is now appearing in the UK and Germany.

After having repeatedly requested any sort of history of the gerbils brought from the continent, in all honestly it comes as little surprise that something else beyond the paralysis and epilepsy in the lines has popped up.

From what we can gather it's been known for a while now that some gerbils are suffering from spots around the eyes, this is in all lines and not contained to only wavy lines.

I will not rant too much about husbandry or morals when knowing there are health issues but instead try to stick to experience and try to properly document what's happening here.

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Spring is in the air!

Tag: blooms, crocus, flowers, spring

After having woken with a debilitating migraine on Tuesday and calling in sick; it eventually passed and I decided to pop out into the garden to get a few photos in the mild February weather as well as doing a spot of planting as my decking is slowly beginning to overflow with plants.

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Graves Park

Tag: autumn, park

We've been having a very mild autumn this year, so naturally had to go out for a little visit to a localish park which also has an animal farm...

I'll confess that I'm no fan of farmyard animals as most of them creep me out; hens and sheep for example but it was something to look at and take photos of. In the end we didn't go around the park much but it is 84hectares so it's unrealistic that we would've walked the entire park anyway.

The sunshine was very nice and I managed to forget to take a coat; thankfully I didn't need it anyway

First up is this crazy Chicken which reminds me of a fraggle or a character off the Hoobs!

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Bonfire Night

Tag: fireworks

A few photos from the fireworks last night. Sadly the sports club nearby didn't seem to have a show on.... I'm hoping they will have it tonight instead so I can get better shots, as these were too close and I had the wrong lens in so they're not that great.

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