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04 May

Gardening season begins...

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... here in the Great White North.  Despite some unseasonably very warm, dry weather a few weeks ago, cooler temperatures and much-needed rain have returned.  Flowers are blooming about 2 to 3 weeks ahead of what's considered normal around here, so the change in temperature will keep them around longer to enjoy.  smiley

I'm still discovering the vegetation at our new house.   Much to my delight, the previous owners had planted some Scilla and species tulips in the front garden and lawn.  The Scilla have already peaked, but I did manage to take some pictures of the tulips today while I was waiting for a load of topsoil and pine mulch to be delivered.

30 May

the girls are in their split

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I set up the girls' split this evening.  All seems to be going well so far.   Absolutely no hostility or foot stamping.   Susie just seems annoyed, for lack of a better word, at being rooted out of her tank and plunked into a strange one. 

Photos tomorrow when I won't have to use a flash.  wink

30 May

robin's nest cam

An American Robin built a nest in a garden shed in Edmonton, Alberta, and homeowner David Papp has posted her activities on the web:

She's been on the national news and the website now has international followers.  smiley