Sexing Gerbils~The Nipple Method

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As mentioned in our previous guide, it is possible to sex very young gerbil pups.  However this method is not 100% reliable as quite often pups develop at differing rates, and what may seem a male pup in early days may later develop nipples and turn out to be a female!  Despite this, it can often be a reasonably reliable indicator if you want to assess the ratio of males to females in your litters.

Below are flash guides to help you recognise the young female pups from males.  Use your mouse over the pictures to reveal the relevant information.


In the guide below the young female is just developing fur.


As you can see above, the young female has visible nipples at a very early age.  The scent gland is also visible.  However as we can see in the next flash guide, the female scent gland is much smaller when compared to a pup at the same stage of development.



In the third guide you can see a female pup that is slightly older. The fur is developing well, but the nipples are still very visible as is her scent gland.

Thanks to Liz Arblaster for the photos