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2008 Suspected SpSp pups

Tag: 2008, dom spot, gerbils, SpSp

In 2008, I had some strange pups crop up in a Dom Spot x Dom Spot pairing. They were essentially sickly-looking BEWs that died within a few days. At the time, they were suspected to be SpSp pups carried to term.

The female was "Ky", a Sp. DEH (Aa CC ee Sp+) bred by Garden of Eden Gerbils:

Mom is GEG's Honey (DEH); dad is GEG's George (Nutmeg Spot). If I remember correctly, George and Honey were both from a pet store in Wisconsin.  Pictures of both can be found here: http://www.freewebs.com/gardenofedengerbils/mygerbils.htm

The male was Arrakis, a Pied Black (aa Cc[-] EE Sp+) born here:

Dad was Felix, Mottled Black (aa Cc[chm] Sp+), and Mom was Yin, Siamese (aa c[chm]c[h] Ee Pp):

Ky and Arrakis had their first litter June 21, 2008. There were 10 pups:
2 Agouti
1 Black
3 Black Spot
and 4 pale runts
Of the "pale runts", one was stillborn, two died the first day, and one lasted to 5 days old.
Day 2:

Day 4:

Five of the six remaining pups from Litter 1 got RI around weaning age. Despite medication, only one of the sick pups ("Checkers") recovered, and had noticeably stunted growth. A lone Agouti female ("Fara") remained healthy throughout.
Sick pups and healthy Fara:

Fara and Checkers size comparison, about 8 weeks old

The pair had a second litter July 21, 2008, of 8 pups:
1 Agouti Spot
1 Black Spot
1 normal pup (died pre-fur)
1 normal stillborn
and 4 more pale runts

This litter's "pale runts", one was stillborn, one died the first day, and the remaining two died the second day.

After a seemingly-healthy pup from Litter 2 was found dead at 3 days old, the remaining two L2 pups were fostered to another female. This was successful, but they too developed RI around weaning age, and did not recover.

The pair was separated due to the high pup mortality, and had no more litters.

The asymptomatic Litter 1 female, Fara, was kept and eventually bred from. So far, no further health problems have been observed.
Fara's son Dancer took BIS in the 2011 AGS Virtual Show, and Fara herself died recently at 3-1/2 years of age.