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DPP? Chimaera? Mosaic?

Tag: DPP Chimaera mosaic agouti DEH undercoat


DPP DEH with abnormal undercoat (AaCchmDDeeU*P*) DEH with abnormal undercoat (A*C*DDeeU*P*

So to begin. I was up at ABC Gerbils doing a pups swap before quarantine. Up for grabs was a very cute DPP Honey Cream (Sp. Dark Eyed Honey). I didn't need to take a closer look at her to know that she was coming home with me.

Today I pulled her out to take some promised photographs. She is not a Dark Eyed Honey. Not even close. I ran around my kennel picking up every gerbil i own and coming up almost as dumbfounded as i started.I looked at agouti's, nutmegs, dark eyed honeys, spotted agoutis, and even a spotted dilute agouti just to compare.

She has an undercoat, a light gray undercoat. Almost dove in color.

I'm at a loss as to what she really is. Her demarcation line indicates DEH, her undercoat indicates agouti, she seems more like an ee gerbil to me, but distinctly is not. Also her DPP patch does come down her leg and affect two of her toes.

I named her Inertia

Looking like a Honey Cream from the front. You might even go so far as to say she is aa rather than Aa.
Nice big patch on the hind quarters. Patch extends down leg and onto the two outer toes.
The color banding in the fur is most intense in the patch. Even at its most intense coloration the color is still much lighter than an agouti or dilute agouti.
This is a picture of the patch again with flash.
The coloration is troughout the coat.
Here you can see that the banding is still throughout the coat, and this is a decent contrast with the patch.



Upon further investigation, the gerbil is decended from another interesting Honey Cream.  Parade's Tigger. Though he looks like a honey cream he is presumably aaCCeeUwd*P*.  Initially the additional lightening of his coat and reduction in ticking was attributed to ch/m, which proved false. Then the possibility of ef was considered, he did not produce schimmels.  It still remains unknown what his true genotype is. He is pictured with Galaxy (mottled black), who is not related to Inertia.


I am still very curious as to the genetic compisition of Inertia. I have her in a breeding pair with a Black male, aaC*EeUwduwdPp, Kreg the Peg Leg. He's also an interesting gerbil, in that even as a black gerbil he does have a bit of an eye shine in flash photography, which is probably attributed to him carrying uwd though he may carry ch as well.

First I will be looking to find out if she is Aa or aa.

Secondly i will be checking her pups to see if something similar occurs with the undercoat.


Depending on the offspring she produces with Kreg the Peg Leg, I will then try her with another DPP Male that I have. Dreamweaver is a Dark Patch Mottled Sapphire. He is aaCchmDdEeGgpp.


I also discovered that I have another female Dark Eyed Honey who also has a gray undercoat. Her name is Swiggley, she is not related to Inertia. Swiggley also came from a Petco.

No Flash


Looks like a Dark Eyed Honey

No Flash

Notice 4 bands of color in the fur. Closest to skin: pale yellow, gray, yellow, ticking


With Flash

Truer to color

Reddish coat,

Again the banding
close up