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Ticked Siamese/Burmese Project

Tag: burmese, color point, project, siamese, ticked


Problems with Distinction

MS's Shenanigan

This coloration on a Siamese is very typical. Color is muddy and is not terribly distinct from a Burmese. The points are not very strong, often with only the nose and tail being intensly colored. The ears are a few shades lighter than the nose. While the feet are nearly the same color as the body.

This male is only 6 months in the photograph, his coloration will keep him out of the show ring, eventhough he did gain the bulk needed to compete.


Point Clarity

MS's Daiquiri (Burmese)
MS's  Margarita (Siamese)

These two girls are sisters, and both are only 10 weeks old in this photo with their points just starting to molt in. Daiquiri has the start of wonderful pointing on her feet and nose. Even the Siamese, Margarita, has very strong points for a Siamese her age.

Ticking on a Siamese

MS's Daiquiri

This is a few days later as her molt line proceeds down her back, you can see that she is taking on a ticked appearance, eventually the ticking becomes even and more smooth, but remains faintly present.

Shade Difference in Pups

Pups of MS's Daiquiri and Parade's Rocco's Pride

The two Siamese pups are close in color, but can be distinguished from eachother fairly easily. The pup on the left is a shade lighter, this pup I have hopes for creating a ticked appearance on. The pup on the right has a fairly distinct face mask, this pup will probably have stronger ticking post-molt. It will be very interesting to see how their molting goes.

More explorations in the Line

MS's Daiquiri and MS's Moonshine

6 week old pups

Note that Daiquiri's tail is nearly as black as her son, the richness of color is highly desirable, especailly when the face mask is nearly as dark. The two light color point pups are well colored, but may be darker than their cousins (above). I am still waiting for these pups to molt as well but am hoping to find similar results.

Color Juxtaposition

MS's Shinedown

Shinedown is the Siamese pictured above from Daiquiri and Moonshine. I thought it would be interesting to picture him with Janus, a 12 week old siamese pup from a petstore. Shinedown (left) is too young to have started to molt yet, but he is visibly lighter in comparision. Janus (right) is a more typical shade of Siamese and his molting is nearly complete.

Most striking on Shinedown is his tail which has a distinct ridge of color. This is often seen on ticked gerbils like agouti.  This pup is very promising for my ticked siamese look, and I am eagerly waiting for him to molt.