Forum Guidelines and Rules - Please read before posting

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Forum Guidelines and Rules - Please read before posting

Welcome to the eGerbil Forum.  As I am sure you can appreciate, in order for the forum to function properly and be able to allow all members to have as good an experience as possible, some rules and guidelines must be in place.  We would appreciate it if you could read the information below and adhere to the  rules while visiting.


Rules and Guidelines


enlightened  We do not censor or lock threads, as we believe in allowing debate and the expression of different opinions.    However users must remain respectful to each other at all times in discussions.  No flaming, personal comments or threats will be tolerated.  This includes via private messaging, emails or any other means. 

enlightened  Posting of any messages that contain inappropriate material ie sex, pornography, nudity, drugs etc is not  allowed.  The same applies to posting "spam".

enlightened  Please do not "Hot link" from other websites.  Use links to the websites instead.

enlightened  If at any point you use information that is not your own, please quote the source.  This also applies to the use of photographic material which is not your own work. 

enlightened  If you post and then need to change something, or add to it - please use the edit function on your original post rather than adding lots of different posts.

enlightened  On gerbil information threads, please try and stay on topic.  This makes it easier for people in the future who may require information on the same topic to access it easily and without confusion.  If you want to talk about another topic, please start a new thread to do so.

enlightened  Please be truthful about your age.  If it is found that your stated age is untrue, you may be banned or have your account deleted. While website membership has no age limits, we feel that 13 years of age should be a minimum when participating in the forums.


Thank you for reading.  If we all respect the rules and each other then it makes for a much better community.  We hope you enjoy the forum yes