Ticked Siamese/Burmese Project

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  Problems with Distinction

MS's Shenanigan

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Gerbil pup growth & development

developpromo.jpgBirth to eyes open are 5 new galleries following a litter of pups from just a few hours old until their eyes opened. The galleries feature many photos which were taken on a daily basis to show in close-up detail the growth and development of the litter.

The galleries which are on two separate pages can be found here;

Birth to Eyes Open-Part 1

Birth to Eyes Open-Part 2

Gerbil Dilute Coat Colour Reference Guides Updated!

dilutepromofin.jpg The Dilute Coat Colour Guides have been recently updated and contain many new photos of Dilute coat colour varieties.

There are four separate guides including the main dilute colours, which include Blue gerbils, then a second coat colour guide which explores many other coat varieties when the Dilute gene is combined with other known coat colour genes.

Lastly there are two more updated galleries; Shades of Blue and Shades of Gold which shows the many shades that Blue and Dilute Golden Agouti gerbils come in!

You can reach the colour guides from the Colours menu above or from the direct links here;


Underwhite - The Singapore Connection.

Around 2006, a Singapore breeder, Joeyvoen Teo, asked for some help in identifying their strange pastel coloured gerbils.  At the time she was very confused, as many of the pastel coloured offspring looked similar to Ruby-Eyed Whites, White bellied Creams and Self Creams(syn. C-separator/resn).  With having so many of the Ruby-Eyed Whites and White-Bellied Creams appearing in the litters, she assumed that eventually she would see Slates or Grey Agoutis appearing in the litters too.  None ever appeared.

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Spotting galleries at the Coat Colour Reference Guides Updated!

spotpromo1.pngThe spotting gene galleries for gerbils have now been completely revised and updated with an extra gallery about the Semi-Dominant Lethal Spotting gene.  This gallery also includes a video of RumpBlack gerbils too!  All the spotting galleries include new photos.

Since the discovery of the Lethal Spotting gene in the Mongolian gerbil, a lot of additional knowledge has been gleaned and data gathered from several breeding studies and this information is reflected in the new coat colour guides.  The galleries also include an updated and revised Extreme White coat gallery, which is a coat variety that is derived from combining the Dominant Spot and Lethal spotting gene together.

Gerbil genetics for the beginner

genepromo1.jpgSeveral of the existing genetics guides at eGerbil have now been updated with new information on both the old and new genes in circulation, and these pages have been redesigned with the beginner in mind.  Each section has been taken from our existing genetics section and has been completely re-edited,updated, and compiled as an introduction into the basic concepts of gerbil genetics.

For anyone interested in the coat mutations of the Mongolian gerbil, our mutation timeline gives you accurate and up to date chronological information on each mutation since the gerbil was introduced as a pet, and the date when they were first discovered.  Each section also gives you a potted history on each gene in question and also when it gained the interest of the scientific community.