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Graves Park

Tag: autumn, park

We've been having a very mild autumn this year, so naturally had to go out for a little visit to a localish park which also has an animal farm...

I'll confess that I'm no fan of farmyard animals as most of them creep me out; hens and sheep for example but it was something to look at and take photos of. In the end we didn't go around the park much but it is 84hectares so it's unrealistic that we would've walked the entire park anyway.

The sunshine was very nice and I managed to forget to take a coat; thankfully I didn't need it anyway

First up is this crazy Chicken which reminds me of a fraggle or a character off the Hoobs!

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Clumber Park, again

Tag: clumber, out, park, sherwood

So, last night I had an impromptu visit to Clumber Park again (just south of Worksop, park of the original Sherwood Forest)... Some fool had decided to start a fire in a garden a couple of houses down as it's it's been hot, humid and very close here for the past few days with little to no breeze I could see the smoke billowing past our windows. I had to close them all and at one point I could barely see the houses across the street from us it was so thick.

I have a cold and my throat was already raw and this smoke was just burning my throat constantly so I just had to get away from it (and stop doing my work, an evening wasted!)

So off back home I went to collect my mum and we went to Clumber. Currently it's on late openings during summer and it was such a beautiful evening; very humid though and as my app on my phone told me it was something stupid like 24 at 8pm, which is into the 80's F I believe.

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