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Gerbil Info

The website for everything gerbil!

Welcome to the eGerbil community!

agfrpagethumbb.pngeGerbil offers a wealth of information and photo galleries to help you learn more about these fascinating little pet rodents.

We have detailed articles on gerbil care, gerbil health, gerbil diet, gerbil behaviour, gerbil housing, gerbil breeding, gerbil genetics & biology, and of course our gerbil coat colour reference guide has been updated yet again with even more gerbil coat colour varieties added. In addition to this there is the new coat structure reference guide which covers in depth the known hair mutations such as hairless, rexoid and waved coats in the Mongolian gerbil and other domestic species.

Thanks Dr Petrij!

04-05-2011 02-57-12.jpgI would like to extend a big thank you to Dr. Fred Petrij for sending the eGerbil website the photocopies of the original description of Meriones unguiculatus, better known as the Mongolian gerbil.  The scientific publication was the result of the first 'yellow rat' specimens that Abbé Armand David had sent back to the museum d'Histoire Naturelle to be identified, and was eventually published in 1867.  At the time it was classified as Gerbillus unguiculatus, and it wasn't until 1908 when Oldfield Thomas (The duke of Bedford's Zoological exploration in Eastern Asia IX. List of mammals from the Mongolian plateau) finally referred to it with its modern name, Meriones unguiculatus.

eShows is launched!

eShows WebsiteWelcome to the I.G.S. Showcase!
The main venue for members virtual shows.  At this site our virtual show winners and results are featured. Throughout the year several shows will be announced, some will be fun competitions while others will be of a more serious nature, where recognised coat colour varieties will compete using the I.G.S.  virtual show rules and International coat colour standards. To visit the site and view the entries and winners of the eGerbil July Fun show, either click on the photo link to the left, or click here

Hope you enjoy your visit!

RSS Feeds & Gerbil News

You may have noticed the little icon at the bottom of this and some other pages.  This is because eGerbil now has RSS feeds enabled on the website.  Basically you can click to subscribe to the pages and you will be notified of any updates that happen on the website.  We also have a new Gerbil News section which is again updated every day from Google on any article that appears on the web that is gerbil related!  Either click this link to go straight to the main page or look for updates in the menu bar on your right ⇒