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Gardening season begins...

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... here in the Great White North.  Despite some unseasonably very warm, dry weather a few weeks ago, cooler temperatures and much-needed rain have returned.  Flowers are blooming about 2 to 3 weeks ahead of what's considered normal around here, so the change in temperature will keep them around longer to enjoy. 

I'm still discovering the vegetation at our new house.   Much to my delight, the previous owners had planted some Scilla and species tulips in the front garden and lawn.  The Scilla have already peaked, but I did manage to take some pictures of the tulips today while I was waiting for a load of topsoil and pine mulch to be delivered.

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March blooms

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The past few weeks has seen some lovely weather around here, although it is set to get a lot cooler over the weekend

Last Sunday I saw my first Butterflies of the season and my parents' garden was full with Ladybirds everywhere. Some orgies, others just huddling together in the beautiful sun. There were hundreds, perhaps even thousands and we had to be careful where we stepped.

March so far has looked something like this:

Helleborus Harvington Double Purple.

Acer 'Katsura's' fresh leaves emerging look to be on fire:

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