Gerbil Coat Colours

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Gerbil Coat Colours

Gerbil Coat Colour Guides Updated

colourguidepromos.jpgFour more of the coat colour reference guides have now been updated and are available both to members and non-members  The guides have many new photographs added and their coat genetics have been updated to reflect the addition of the Underwhite locus and the new Underwhite mutation.

Coat colours include; Golden Agouti, Black, Grey Agouti, Slate, Argente Golden, Lilac

Gerbil Dilute Coat Colour Reference Guides Updated!

dilutepromofin.jpg The Dilute Coat Colour Guides have been recently updated and contain many new photos of Dilute coat colour varieties.

There are four separate guides including the main dilute colours, which include Blue gerbils, then a second coat colour guide which explores many other coat varieties when the Dilute gene is combined with other known coat colour genes.

Lastly there are two more updated galleries; Shades of Blue and Shades of Gold which shows the many shades that Blue and Dilute Golden Agouti gerbils come in!

You can reach the colour guides from the Colours menu above or from the direct links here;

Spotting galleries at the Coat Colour Reference Guides Updated!

spotpromo1.pngThe spotting gene galleries for gerbils have now been completely revised and updated with an extra gallery about the Semi-Dominant Lethal Spotting gene.  This gallery also includes a video of RumpBlack gerbils too!  All the spotting galleries include new photos.

Since the discovery of the Lethal Spotting gene in the Mongolian gerbil, a lot of additional knowledge has been gleaned and data gathered from several breeding studies and this information is reflected in the new coat colour guides.  The galleries also include an updated and revised Extreme White coat gallery, which is a coat variety that is derived from combining the Dominant Spot and Lethal spotting gene together.

What Colour Is My Gerbil?

Coat I.D. FinderNew at eGerbil is the coat colour I.D. coat checker.  Built in Flash format, it's ideal for any beginning gerbil keeper or breeder and helps to identify the coat colour variety of your gerbil.

It's very easy to use and is in a question & answer style and takes you along an identification path for virtually all gerbil colours.

Either click the picture on the left or click here to take you straight to the page.

A new Spotting mutation?

 A new spotting mutation appears

Read all about this probable spotting mutation that has appeared recently in Mongolian gerbils in the informative article by Kira Gysel on the subject.  The article explores its origins and subsequent breeding of the coat colour and explains how it can cause potential health problems.  To accompany the article readers may also find the new article "Further Notes on Spotting Genes in Gerbils" an interesting read.