Gerbil Breeding

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Gerbil Breeding

Gerbil pup growth & development

developpromo.jpgBirth to eyes open are 5 new galleries following a litter of pups from just a few hours old until their eyes opened. The galleries feature many photos which were taken on a daily basis to show in close-up detail the growth and development of the litter.

The galleries which are on two separate pages can be found here;

Birth to Eyes Open-Part 1

Birth to Eyes Open-Part 2

A New Gerbil Breeding Section

sexing pups


This is a new section for the eGerbil website and we hope to be adding many articles in the future about all aspects of breeding gerbils.  We have added several articles to get the ball rolling.  Firstly, the sexing gerbils pages have been updated to include three new Flash guides on sexing young pups.  The photos used in the guides are really detailed and were taken by Liz Arblaster. Click here or click on the photo on the left to go straight to the new guides.  Click here to go to the sexing adult gerbils page.