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In early 2013 I stumbled across a photo of a trio of gerbil from a breeder in Maine. I was immediatly stunned by their color, and knowing that there were not blues I contacted the breeder with the intent of getting 1 of these lighter mock-blues.  I ended up brining home the darker one.

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Psuedo-Agouti/Dark Eyed Honey

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Mother is Swiggley, she is a "Dark Eyed Honey" with multiple color bands in her fur. She is genetically AaC*eeG*P*, She was bred to Prophet aaC*eefG*P*

Below are pictures of Swiggley

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Looks like a Dark Eyed Honey

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Notice 4 bands of color in the fur. Closest to skin: pale yellow, gray, yellow, ticking


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New gerbil from CH is coming!

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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say that this winter new comradae from Hola's breeding is arriving in our stock! :-)


I still do not know if male or female because one of the pup 'changed' its mind and showed everbody that it is a girl not a boy ;) 


Here it is:


Success with DPP breeding

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The Grandmother: MS's ABC's Inertia

Last winter I got a DPM DEH from ABC Gerbil in Nashua, NH. I named her Inertia. Inertia also has an odd undercoat. I bred her to Kreg, the Peg Leg. He was a black male, carrying aaCcbEePpUwuwd. Togeather they had 5 pups (Nutmeg, Spot Nutmeg, DEH, CPA, Burmese). 

I named the CPA male Long John Silver.

The Mother: MS's Bumble

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Breeding website

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Hello! I'm almost finnishing my breeding website   All of you can feel welcome!

Coda my black mongolian Gerbil :)

Breeding Gerbils This Summer!

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This is my CURRENT Black Mongolian Gerbil Coda

This is my other CURRENT Mongolian Gerbil, Ace

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