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In early 2013 I stumbled across a photo of a trio of gerbil from a breeder in Maine. I was immediatly stunned by their color, and knowing that there were not blues I contacted the breeder with the intent of getting 1 of these lighter mock-blues.  I ended up brining home the darker one.

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Chmurka's new gerbils

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Gerbil Eye Pustules

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It's recently been brought to our attention that there is a health issue in the lines from Poland, which migrated to the Czech Republic and is now appearing in the UK and Germany.

After having repeatedly requested any sort of history of the gerbils brought from the continent, in all honestly it comes as little surprise that something else beyond the paralysis and epilepsy in the lines has popped up.

From what we can gather it's been known for a while now that some gerbils are suffering from spots around the eyes, this is in all lines and not contained to only wavy lines.

I will not rant too much about husbandry or morals when knowing there are health issues but instead try to stick to experience and try to properly document what's happening here.

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The true meaning of Meriones unguiculatus: The Mongolian Gerbil

 Gerbils, jirds and in fact all species on earth are designated a two-part Latin name to identify them. This system of classifying animals is known as 'binomial nomenclature'. These names are useful but also important too because they allow people around the world, no matter what language they speak, to write and communicate to others about any particular species. In theory, every name given is unique to that animal. The scientific name designated to each animal also give clues as to what their relationships are to other animals. The name of each species is given a generic name and also a specific name. The generic name tells us what genus they come from. Some genera only have one species but the vast majority of them have many.

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Gerbil Digging Movie

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Just testing out my mad skillz: I had a play around making a movie with movie maker, just want to see how it is... Haven't yet worked out how to get rid of the sound without having to put music on it and risk being smited by the copyright gods.





Tribute to Yoshi

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Yoshi passed away around 10pm tonight. He'd been ill for a day or so, and was really weak. Despite syringe feeding, Antibiotics, and heat pads, he was extremely weak, and eventually had a fit and passed away in my hands. Yoshi was one of my first gerbils who made me fall in love with the species.  He came to me as one of 10 gerbils, kept in a tiny hamster cage, when he was around 3 weeks old. Yoshi, Flash & Toad were the first three I kept, Toad was his sister (Then thought of as brother, woops) and Flash was the only boy from another litter. He lived most of his life with Flash & BamBam until Bam had to be seperated from the other 2 for being violent. He was a cute, chubby little chap, and him and Flash were thick as theives from the start.

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